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Men in Black 3 Trailer Impressions: MIB's Agent J and K are Back for the Third Time

Men in Black 3 is a sci-fi comedy action movie from Sony Pictures and the third installment to the Men in Black film series. We are once again reunited with Agent J and Agent K as they tackle a possible new devastating conspiracy that would take J back in time just to uncover it. What can we say about the first MIB 3 movie teaser trailer? Find it out here.

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Men in Black 3
Plot / Synopsis

Agent J and Agent K are reunited in a time-travel tale.

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Men in Black 3 Trailer Impressions
Men in Black 3 Trailer Review

The intergalactic secret organization called the Men in Black and its top Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are once again back for the third time. I for one am excited for this third MIB film.

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Just seeing the two Agents back for the third time is already enough to make fans of the past two Men in Black films and animated series excited. J must eventually uncover the mystery behind K's disappearance by traveling back in time through a "time jump". This is the perfect first trailer for Men in Black 3 as it provides enough mystery to attract old and new movie goers to check it out. There will be more Men in Black movie trailers on the weeks to come, but this MIB3 first trailer is more than enough to make fans excited and curious as to what are the secrets behind K's disappearance and a possible intergalactic threat.

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What can you sa about the first MIB 3 trailer? Are you excited for the Men in Black 3 which is slated for a May "Memorial Day" 2012 release? Share your thoughts on the comments section below about Men in Black 3: