Thursday, February 16

Intruders Trailer Impressions: Drafting Your Very Own Death

The Intruders was a 2011 horror film which first premiered in Toronto International Film Festival back in September 2011 and is slated for a March 2012 release. The Intruders is a a Spanish film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and written by the Spanish duo Nicolás Casariego and Jaime Marques. Let's take a look at this horror film from the creators of 28 Weeks Later here:

Intruders 2012 movie trailer impressions horror film trailer review cmaquest

Plot / Synopsis

Two children living in different countries are visited nightly by a faceless being who wants to take possession of them.

Watch Intruders movie trailer here:

Intruders Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Intruders Film Trailer Review

Hollowface will come because someone called his name. So that is what will generally happen with 2012 horror film. The big mystery here is to whether Hollowface got freed or targeting his victims because he was written by the child protagonist, or was the female protagonist has this connection to Hollowface to know how it works?

Intruders 2012 horror movie hollowface 2011 toronro film festival entry

I am personally intrigued at what this film has to offer. Besides the usual scares, I am conscious about the lore behind this Hollowface. Why entitled "intruders" when a figure like Hollowface is the one only shown in this film? How will mere humans fight off this seemingly supernatural evil, or is it really supernatural? Hopefully it is not too predictable and has a solid story and scares from beginning to end.

Intruders 2012 horror film title from the creator of 28 days later premiered on Toronto International Film Festival on 2011

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