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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master of Monsters Trailer Impressions: Take Control of Cocoon and Gran Pulse Monsters

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Square Enix' direct sequel to its 2009's Final Fantasy XIII rpg title for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Received with mixed reviews, predominantly negative ones, Final Fantasy XIII adapted a more passive game mechanics using a more action oriented live combat system and the use of paradigm shifts rather than the traditional turn-base ATB style of gameplay that the rpg series was known. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will hopefully improve on the last title with new game mechanics like the ones feature in the Masters of Monsters trailer.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master of Monsters 2012 Trailer Impressions RPG Video Game Trailer Review Use Chocobo in Battle

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Plot / Synopsis

The worlds of Gran Pulse and Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII return in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Players will be able to revisit old areas that have changed in appearance like Lake Bresha, now called the Bresha Ruins. A re-created version of the city of Bodhum had been made on Pulse, known as New Bodhum. Many of the civilians from Bodhum now live here. The Yaschas Massif on Pulse reappears with its ruins now inhabited by Cocoon soldiers and scientists like the Bresha Ruins. The Sunleth Waterscape is no longer a lush-green nature reserve. The Archlyte Steppe is now inhabited by hunters. Valhalla, the realm of death and chaos at the edge of time in the distant future, otherwise known as "the invisible world" will also be a playable area. Serendipity is a floating casino city packed with minigames like Slots and Chocobo Racing. The city of Academia replaces Eden as the new capital city, and is Hope Estheim's new hometown. Augusta Tower, an area with a maze-like interior.

Watch Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master of Monsters trailer here:

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Master of Monsters Video Game Trailer Impressions
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Master of Monsters Video Game Trailer Review

As a Final Fantasy series fan and someone who played Final Fantasy XIII, this is a very welcome added feature to the sequel. If you ask me, this feature should have been in the first game, I guess the developers had other plans for the game. If only the first game has adapted a more manual job and battle system, this might have been incorporated in the first game. Sadly there were no Beastmaster job in the first one, so to how will they make use of the monsters is what I am curious about.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master of Monsters Video Game Trailer use gran pulse and cocoon monsters in a party set to paradigm shifts

Final Fantasy 13-2 Master of Monsters 2012 trailer use monsters in battle level them up and allocate skill points

I had a few complaints on the first game for its linearity, lack of towns to explore and side quests from human NPCs, but it didn't break the gaming experience all in all. It is a different Final Fantasy and they might have been trying out a few things and as to whether it has succeed or not is what they later found out. I actually liked the first game and finished it from beginning to end. Hopefully with new game features where you are able to take control of either Gran Pulse or Cocoon monsters, it will add more fun hours to the Fnal Fantasy XIII-2 gaming. AS we countdown to Final Fantasy XIII-2's official video game release on February 2012 release, every new feature will be warmly embraced by gamers who adored and excited for this trailer and will change the minds of those who bashed it the first game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Master of Monsters Video Game Trailer title sequel cmaquest

Seeing the Master of Monsters trailer, are you more excited in using a Chocobo's in battle rather than just riding it in the open world of Gran Pulse? What can you say about this new monster system in Final Fantasy XIII-2? Share your thoughts in the comments section below: