Wednesday, January 19

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debut Trailer and Sneak Peaks

Square Enix officially released the first sneak peak video game trailer and screenshots of the sequel to 2010's Final Fantasy XIII. Simply named Final Fantasy XIII-2, just like another another Final Fantasy sequel (Final Fantasy X-2) will reunite Final Fantasy Fans and gamers with Lightning (main character unveiled for now) with the introduction of a shady looking warrior who can be seen in the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer could either be an ally or an enemy.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debut Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII Sequel unveiled

Check out the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debut Trailer here:

There isn't much to tell about the trailer but since yours truly have finished the game, I will give my early predictions, analysis, and impressions about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 for 2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Analysis and Predictions
Video Game Trailer Impressions

The official first sneak peak starts off where Final Fantasy XIII ends. Then the cinematics shifts to a kneeling Lightning in front of a throne which could be a fal'Cie or some new Kingdom that she might be serving. Then it cuts off to her showing off her new look and swords. To whether these swords will be gunblades just like what she used on Final Fantasy XIII is not clearly indicated or seen in the trailer. A mysterious male warrior is standing back to back with Lightning which could either be an ally or an enemy. The shady male warrior might also have a connection to the upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII. All of these are mere predictions though and we'll just have to wait for further announcement until it's 2011 Japanese release.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announcement Screenshots Lightning kneeling

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning's New Look

FFXIII-2 2011 2012 Video Game

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released for the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 first in Japan by 2011l with Europe and the United States having theirs on the Winter of 2012.

FF XIII-2 First Game Trailer

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