Tuesday, August 11

District 9 - The Segragation and Hunt for Monopoly Begins

District 9 is a 2009 science fiction film which takes place 28 years after the discovery that humans are not alone in the universe. A testimony of this is when an alien ship made contact on Earth.

alien ship from district 9

The humans waited for the aliens to attack or to exchange technologies, which can be the latest milestone when it comes to science and technology but neither of which took place. These aliens where the last of their kind and have taken refuge on Earth. The conflict arises when humans wanted to take control of the alien's technology and weaponry but failed to do so until one unfortunate soul gets smack between that conflict.

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district 9 alien

The film tackles one of man's deadliest innate nature of greed and envy. Various groups wanted to gain control of the alien weaponry for power and monopoly. Thus, when the answer to this conflict comes out wide in the open, all these groups will stop at nothing to take a hold on this valuable "link". This can either be an interesting or a boring theme for a film depending on how the plot will unfold. See it for yourself, will you enter or stay away from District 9?

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