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Lock-Out Trailer Impressions: Saving the President's Daughter... In Space!

Lock-out is a 2012 sci-fi action film starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, firected by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger under FilmDistrict. Lock-out is slated for an April 2012 film release tells the story of how one man will save the abducted presidential daughter in space. Check out this sci-fi film trailer here.

Lock-Out 2012 movie trailer impressions sci-fi action film trailer review cmaquest

Plot / Synopsis

Guy Pearce is Snow, a loose-cannon government agent convicted of a crime which he did not commit. When it comes to breaking the rules, he's the best in the business. He is offered his freedom if he can rescue the President's daughter from a prison in space which has been overtaken by its prisoners.

Watch Lock-Out movie trailer here:

Lock-Out Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Lock-Out Film Trailer Review

In a future not so far from ours (that is what I want to imagine that this film uses), the world's most dangerous criminals are incarcerated in an inescapable and impenetrable maximum security prison... in space. So when the presidential daughter went off on a goodwill mission to that prison in space and gets abducted it is up to one "loose cannon" to save the day. What a story! This is just pure science fiction cheese we have here ladies and gentlemen.

Lock-Out 2012 sci-fi movie starring Guy Pearce as Snow to rescue the presidential daughter in a maximum security prison in outer space

The big question is to whether this cheese is worth tasting or not. The trailer seems to give off a delectable aura to this sci-fi cheese. Hopefully the action will keep this film from not sucking that much. Why is it that the some of the best rescuers are loose cannons? Isn't there anyone else? Well guess we'll find out when Snow infiltrates and successfully rescues the princess, I mean the president's daughter in Lock-Out.

Lock-Out 2012 science fiction action film title starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace

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