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Silent House Trailer Impressions: An Intriguing Horror Film Shot in One Take

Silent House is a 2012 Hollywood adaptation of a Uruguayan Spanish-language small-budgeted horror film released back in 2010. We have seen what Hollywood is capable of doing when it comes to localization of international films, The Grudge, My Sassy Girl, and REC to name a few. What can we say about Hollywood's take on Silent House? Find it out here.

Silent House 2012 movie trailer impressions horror film trailer review cmaquest

Silent House
Plot / Synopsis

Trapped inside her family's lakeside retreat, a young woman descends into madness.

Watch Silent House movie trailer here:

Silent House Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Silent House Film Trailer Review

The original film received mixed reviews, mainly being praised for the director's technical excellence in doing the film in one shot, but was criticized for an unimpressive story. Well, its now Hollywood's turn to take a shot of a film shot in one continuous take. But before actual film on March 2012, let's talk about the trailer.

Silent House 2012 horror movie starring Elizabeth Olsen shot in one continuous take

As a horror film enthusiast, I find the Silent House 2012 official movie trailer to be pretty intriguing and effective. It gives off this pretty creepy feeling, and if the trailer gives off that kind of lingering feeling, then what more is the actual film. Well, I might be wrong, but still i am hopeful that the actual film is far better than its movie trailer. Then I am intrigued at how they are going to pull off a convincingly scary horror film in a film shot in one choreographed take. I will definitely monitor and watch this film for the sake of curiosity. Is it going to be a straight out supernatural horror, or there is more to this silent house than darkness and screaming.

Silent House 2012 horror film title shot in one continuous take hollywood adaptation

What about you guys? What do you think about the Silent House official film trailer. Share your thoughts on the comments section below: