Tuesday, April 27

Furry Vengeance - Nature's Way of Getting Even

Furry Vengeance is not your dramatic natural disaster movie, but a family and comedy film which sill hit the theaters April 2010. How can nature get even with all the blunders we cause her, well let's just say that she has an army of her own.

furry vengeance 2010 movie

Furry Vengeance Synopsis

Rocky Springs of furry vengeance movie

Dan Sanders, a real estate developer (Brendan Fraser) is given the task to develop a forest into a development by his boss, Neal Lyman (Ken Jeong). All seems perfect for Sanders but it seems like the animals who live in the forest have other plans.

Watch the Furry Vengeance trailer here:

Furry Vengeance

Participant Media Studio, and Distributed by Summit Entertainment.
Directed by Roger Kumble, Starring Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields, Matt Prokop, Ken Jeong.

furry vengeance 2010 family movie


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