Monday, August 31

The End of Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider W Previews

Kamen Rider Decade has finally ended today August 30, 2009 but is it really the end? Definitely Not! This is because the movie All Riders Vs. Great Shocker will be the supposedly concluding film for the entire series. According to news, there will still be a second movie set to be shown in December 12, 2009 which will finally gives light to the mystery behind Tsukasa a.k.a Kamen Rider Decade's character.

Kamen Rider Decade Movie All Rider Versus Great shocker

All Riders VS. Dai Shocker Movie Trailers and Images Here

For all Kamen Rider Decade Series followers this will sure be a good news because nobody would want an confusing and messed up ending right? While everyone wait for the subtitled version (for the International Viewers) of the All Riders Vs. Great Shocker movie and the Last Kamen Rider Decade Movie on December, you can set your eyes on the latest Kamen Rider.. Kamen Rider Double (also Kamen Rider W)

Kamen Rider Double

Kamen Rider W Double Henshin and Promotional Video 1

Watch Kamen Rider W opening theme here:

Kamen Rider W