Friday, April 24

SuperNews! Hilarious Take On Popular Social Networking Website Twitter

Popular shows, topics, personnel, places, and scandals can't escape from the ever observant eyes of creative writers for sitcoms and comedy shows. Saturday Night Live and Mad TV are some of these shows which usually do spoofs or parodies of phenomenal news, but recently there is a new website and cartoons which do all that and more. See Current TV's SuperNews! - Get Entertained Online for more information and links.

The first hilarious video when I first grazed the Youtube Channel of the Current was entitled Twouble with Twitter which satirically tackles the phenomenal and popular social networking website Twitter.

A nice animation to get you acquainted with what Twitter is or if you're already on Twitter see what this animation has to say to Twitter and it's users:

Twouble with Twitters on Youtube

A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away.