Tuesday, April 14

Current TV's SuperNews! - Get Entertained Online

Bored and tired at the office, wish you can watch your favorite shows online? Well, fret no more because thanks to Current.

Well, like me you might be saying "Current What?" because it is not shown in local channels here in the Philippines or maybe in Asia and a good explanation to this is because it is for cable or satellite television subscriber only. That is probably why Current made their own online streaming sites for the world to see their entertaining shows on the internet. Check the wide variety of topics they feature with their entertaining, informative, witty and humorous videos here at their official website:

Official Website:


Current's Youtube Channel/

About Current:

Current is the global TV network all about what's going on in your world, from your perspective, in your voice.

From short films covering the latest trends in art, fashion, music, technology and world news, to comedy shorts and action sports, it's like a mini-mall for your mind...

Current has also a show called SuperNews! where they take on current events and show it in a short humurous animated shorts. Here is a sample of SuperNews!'s Animated Short Emoticon War

Current SuperNews!Emoticon Wars on Youtube

"SuperNews!" is a 1/2 hour animated sketch comedy TV show airing on Current TV. Every Friday night at 10 PM ET/PT. Check local listings... So set your DVRs and TIVOs. Like... now. For more SuperNews! go to www.current.com/supernews www.current.com

You can also check out SuperNews! videos on Current's Youtube Channel here:
SuperNews! on Youtube

So what are you waiting for. Subscribe now and prepare to be entertained!