Monday, February 9

Urban Legends: The Boyfriend's Death

The Boyfriend's Death is both a cautionary tale and a popular urban legend which warns the youth about engaging in adolescent sexual activities or straying far away from home could be dangerous. How dangerous you ask? This urban legend tells us just how...


A girl and her boyfriend decided to "have fun" and drove to a very secluded place. As they drive through that place they started "making out". The girl saw some shadowy figure looming outside the car which immediately vanished. This alarmed her a bit so she told her boyfriend about what she saw but the boyfriend just shrugged the idea and continued with their "fooling around".

After they were done, the boyfriend went out to pee. The girl stopped him as she recalls the incident of the looming shadowy figure from before. The boyfriend just laugh at her and still continued to go out to "take a leak". The boyfriend stepped out of the car, saying comfortingly to his girlfriend, "Don't worry, I'll be right back.

She locked the doors and sat restlessly. Minutes passed, her boyfriend has still not shown himself. She shouted and whined "It's not funny! Where are you?". Suddenly a psychotic and scary looking man surprised her at the the side of the door. The crazed looking man kept banging the windshield of the car's door which made her to shout her lungs out. She went to the other side of car but the strange and crazy man vanished. The man appeared at her back and persistently knocks on the windshield of the car. The woman noticed that specs of blood are splattered on the car's window.

The crazy man raised his right hand to show her boyfriend's decapitated head. She screamed as the crazy man laughs like a lunatic. She closed her eyes and puts both her hands to cover her eyes. She wished that it was all just a nightmare, suddenly the laughing and the noise stop. She took her hands off her eyes and saw the crazy man whose now smiling back at her holding the keys to the car on his left hand.


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