Saturday, February 7

Hilarious Late Show - Top Ten Things Jim Carrey Will Always Say Yes To

Jim Carrey stars in a feel good laugh out loud movie about a man who will always says YES to any opportunity that comes his way. The movie is entitled YES MAN which is already out now on cinemas and if you haven't catch it yet then CMAQUEST highly recommend it.

late show top ten

In one of the episodes of The Late Show with David Letterman, I happen to stumble upon this special guesting of Jim Carrey for the Late Show Top Ten in promotion of his movie YES MAN. The very funny popular character actor in a bath tub presenting the top ten things Jim Carrey will always say yes to

top ten things jim carrey will always say yes to

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Here is a trailer of the laugh out loud movie starring Jim Carrey which is already in cinemas worldwide. Before everyone hailed the "Yes We Can" Man there was first the Yes Man featuring Jim Carrey

yes man poster

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