Thursday, December 4

Meet the New Team Knight Rider

Chris a here again with another hit US television series updates. This time CMAQUEST features the ever awesomeness (I sounded like Po of Kung Fu Panda hehehe) action-romance-sci-fi adventures of Knight Rider.

Knight Rider 2008 TV Movie

Fast Facts: This is the main protagonist Mike Traceur and Kitt (Knight Industries Three Thousand) in their first mission in the February 2008's movie which will serve as the backdoor pilot of the Knight Rider 2008 Series.

Here is a short preview about the story of a car... a talking, thinking, weaponed (feeling?) mustang:

Thanks to the power of the worldwide web I came to know that the new Knight Rider is a pick-up of the 1980's Knight Rider, meaning that it is not a remake but a continuation of the actual series. My father mentioned that he used to watched this series and here is a preview of that classic 1980s Knight rider opening theme.

The Classic Opening Theme of the 1980's Knight Rider

The New 2008's Knight Rider Opening Theme

Knight Rider 2008

And now to meet the 2008 Team Knight Rider

Mike Traceur of 2008's Knight Rider

Jason Bruening plays as Mike Traceur, the son of the previous driver/agent behind the first KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). He is in searched for his lost memory and with each mission he draws closer and closer to finding the truth about what happened to his lost memories.

Sarah Graiman of 2008's Knight Rider

Deanna Russo as Sarah Graiman, the daughter of Charles Graiman (creator of both original and the new KITT), new agent who usually helps Mike with most missions, and the love interest of Mike Traceur.

Charles Graiman of 2008's Knight Rider

Bruce Davison as Charles Graiman, the creator of both the original KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) and the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) and is the father of Sarah.

Alex Torres of 2008's Knight Rider

Yancey Arias as Alex Torres is the head of Knight Industries operations.

Carrie Rivai of 2008's Knight Rider

Sydney Tamiia Poitier as FBI Agent Carrie Rivai. A trusted friend of the Graimans and Mike Traceur. Her character is strong-willed FBI agent.

Zoe Chae of 2008's Knight Rider

Smith Cho as Zoe Chae is the very upbeat and seductive brainy chick behind some of the missions. She always tease Billy Morgan by being seductive.

Billy Morgan of 2008's Knight Rider

Paul Campbell as Billy Morgan, is the main man and technical expert of Team Knight Rider. He doesn't like going on missions and prefer the desk jobs rather than being in the filled. I believe he has a secret crush on zoe (or was it really a secret?)

KITT of 2008's Knight Rider

Val Kilmer voices of K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand), a Mustang with Artificial Intelligence, the latest "biometrics technology", a wide arsenal of offensive weaponry and more.

This is the team behind Knight Rider 2008 TV Series which packed with action, romance, cool cars, nifty gadgets, engaging episodes and gorgeous women.

Knight Rider 2008

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