Sunday, November 16

"Friday the 13th" 2009 Movie - Jason Vorquees is Back

Friday the 13th, one of the most popular all-time suspense-horror film that swoop the 80s and the 90s by storm is back with its latest 2009 remake.

friday the 13th 2009

This 2009 remake will revisit the Camp Crystal Lake and its resident malignant killer Jason Vorhees. This will feature some scenes taken from the very first three Friday the 13th movies which will explain everything there is to know about Crystal Lake, Jason, his mask, and his killings with a somewhat different approach which we will never know until its theatrical release on the 13th of February 2009.

Jason is back

These are two of the teaser trailers from the upcomingFriday The 13th which will be out by February 2009.

Jason Vorhees

Friday The 13th
Official Website:

Directed by
Marcus Nispel

Amanda Righetti,
Jared Padalecki,
Jonathan Sadowski,
Aaron Woo,
Travis Van Winkle
Odette Yustman