Wednesday, November 5

Blast From The Past: BeakMan's World

Do you still remember the hit and phenomenal 90's educational science and children's show Beakman's World?

Beakman's World Logo

For the newer generations, Beakman's World is once a popular children's show about an eccentric scientist doing comical yet factual experimentations and demonstrations in response to the viewers mail. The show has been popular to professors, children, and students due to the shows bizarre, hilarious, and effective ways of explaining what other calls "boring" elements of science as a subject.

beakman's world

Beakman's World

Here is a clip from one of its episode. This is the part where Beakman with the help of his two assistants answer questions sent by the viewers.

In this video we will see one of Beakman's World's frequent segment the Wide BeakWorld of sports. This video shows what is the toughest sports, and it is not even Basketball

What made The Beakman's World phenomenal are the shows' characters and how they are portrayed in the show. From two penguins watching the show; a sarcastic and skeptical and sometimes rude guy in a rat suit; a lovely pretty assistant; to a scientist who always shouts "Zaloom" are the major characters seen throughout the rest of this educational show.

Lester of Beakman

Lester the ever skeptical, hungry, and witty lab rat or a guy dressed up as a rat

Don and Herb of beakman

Beakman's World won't be complete without its avid critics and viewers from the South Pole, Don and Herb.

What also appeals to the viewers is how the characters dressed up as different individuals and science icons. Check this video out of the different faces of Beakman:


Beakman has been asisted by three lovely (also eccentric) assistants throghout the course of the show which includes:

Josie of Beakman

Alanna Ubach as "Josie" from 1993 - 1995

liza of beakman

Eliza Schneider as "Liza" from 1995 - 1998

phoebe of beakman

Senta Moses as "Phoebe"


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