Wednesday, October 15

Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty: Addressing Society's Real Conflicts

Blogging has come a long way now, opening many opportunities to various individuals worldwide by letting them have their own space in this vast universe called the internet. The internet has truly become a society which allows one to voice out his ideas without having regrets or fear of being suppressed and controlled. In an online society, freedom is truly exercised.

We are a witness to concerned journalists and news people getting detained, sewed, or arrested from tackling sensitive issues and cases of greed and corruption of those people in "power". Senators, Congressmen and other politicians waste their whole day of session arguing against each other without even a single work done like passing of laws and addressing the country's real issues. These works which are crucial to the growth of a country and its people are being neglected by the same law makers who promised everyone a better future, but once acquire the seat of power, shows what they really are.

freedom of speech

The Philippine People Power back in the 80's proved that when together we stand, we can overcome any threats to our freedom and constitution. It is saddening though, this idea of a united movement for a cause has and still is being used by certain individuals for their own personal gains; and the government twisting and exercising laws which prohibits formation of any movements which will voice out what is the "real" situation of the Philippines.

Thus, the fight is brought online through a united stand, tackling one of the REAL issues that concerns every citizen of this country..."Poverty". A call for a united stand is needed to (in some extent) address and help solve these issues with bright ideas of common people, citizens, and bloggers which the government has overseeing these past few decades. Take a stand and join the cause.

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