Friday, August 8

CMAQUEST's Eight Lucky Post

As you've seen in the previous weeks, CMAQUEST's layout has been overhauled and the contents are now dedicated to anything entertainment and lifestyles. The said efforts was not put to waste as CMAQUEST is once again indexed on Google.

Beijing Olympics on 8-8-8

Today, August 08, 2008 is also considered to be a lucky day to Christians and some Chinese. I think that is why they synchronized the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the eight day of the eight month of the eight year ('08). Her is something I stumbled over at Youtube about 8-8-8:

"August 8 2008, 8-8-08, 888 and its Numerical Significance" (A Biblical Approach)

"888 8/8/8 August 8 2008 Numerology Numbers Leo"(A Numerologists Approach)

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