Thursday, July 3

Dragon Ball GT: Zard's Don't You See

"Don't You See" Music Video sung by Zard

Japanes Lyrics:

Tomodachi ni tegami wo kaku toki mitai ni
Surasura to kotoba ga dete kureba ii no ni
Mou sukoshi o-tagai wo shiriau ni wa jikan ga hoshii
Uragiranai no wa kazoku dake nante
Sabishisugiru yo Love is asking to be loved
Shinjiru koto wo yamete shimaeba raku ni natte wakaru kedo

Don't you see! Negatte mo inotte mo kiseki omoide
Sukoshi wa ki ni kakete
Don't you see! Chotto sameta furi wo suru kuse wa
Kizutsuku no ga kowai kara

TAXI noriba de matte 'ta toki no chinmoku wa
Tatta gofun na no ni
Mono sugoku nagaku kanjita
Muri wo shite tsukarete
Aozameta koi wa yokisenu dekigoto

Don't you see! Chiisana kenka de
Makezugiraina futari da kara hotto shita no
Don't you see! Ironna hito wo miru yori
Zutto onaji anata wo mite itai

Don't you see!
I'll never worry, tonight
I'll lay me down, tonight
You know, I do it for you

Don't you see! Umareta machi no nioi
Kurekakaru gairojuu wo futari arukeba
Don't you see! Sekai-juu mo dare mo ga donna ni isoide mo
Watashi wo tsukamaete ite

Dragon Ball GT's 2nd Ending Theme - Don't You See

English Translation:

In spite that it would be nice if words flow out to me
Like when one writes a letter to a friend
I want some time to know each other a little more
That the only one who won't betray you is your family
Is too lonely a thing Love is asking to be loved
I know I'll be happy if I stop believing but

Don't you see! Even if I ask and pray for miracles and memories
I worry a little
Don't you see! Even if I have a habit of pretending to be cold
I'm afraid to be hurt

Though it's only been five minutes
Of silence since I waited in the taxi stand
I feel like it's been an eternity
Wasting my time and making me weary
An event that doesn't help a love that lost its color

Don't you see! We're not to be beaten
By such petty quarrels
Don't you see! Rather than ogle at girls
I want to look just at you

Don't you see!
I'll never worry, tonight
I'll lay me down, tonight
You know, I do it for you

Don't you see! If we walk together on the streets
Filled with scents of the town we were born
Don't you see! No matter how much the people in this world hurry
You can still catch me


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