Saturday, June 7

Oprah: An Anti-Christ?

Last Night that's June 06, of 2008 after watching my favorite segment on my favorite Filipino Gag Show "Bubble Gang" I browsed the channels and saw "The 700 Club Asia" which discusses about the New Age Belief and its Anti-Christianity Nature. Thus Today, Saturday June 07, 2008 = 06-07-08 (6-7-8) I went out to a friends house to watch more of Oprah's Attack on Christianity. Here are some of the Youtube Videos:

Church of Oprah Exposed

Dont Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and The Occult


As you've also noticed in the videos above there is some sort of a product endorsement here which is the book "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid...", but if you look carefully one important message can be seen in these videos. Oprah as a non-Christ and God Believer. Yeah she believe in God, She believe in herself for she is God according to their belief.

I am a Christian and am exploring what church to be a part of... but after seeing these videos, my image of Oprah's overwhelming majestic image went tumbling down to a pile of ash... dust.

I understand the diversification of religion on the entire globe but what Oprah is doing is intolerable. She and her "spiritual adviser" doing is preposterous. Because they have these belief that they are God and keep on referring their twisted teachings to the Holy Bible. Everything is all good until Oprah proclaimed her belief and started to spread her belief which is slowly corrupting the mind of her viewers.

Well I am furious!!! I say. I am not that devoted yet but I believe that there is a God and through Christ we can be save. Hope we all can see through the New World's Twisted Teaching...


  1. no offense dear, but how could you ever fall for this?seriously...

  2. Yoh Febs... How are yah?
    I sawe your comment on Oprah as being an anti-christian or Christ.

    Well I can say I really fell on the video thing. Hmm yeah I know the videos are really endorsing her own book but setting that aside, the message is that Oprah thinks of herself as a God and she is sing her show or her "channel" to start implanting and seeding this little thoughts of new age belief to her every viewer... but still that is or the viewer to decide naman.

    Hmm sorry if this post attacks one of your idol. Am I right to assume that you are one of her millions of
    adoring fans?

  3. ui tope..don't be offended pero i think pure bull lang yan..hindi ko naman feel si oprah eh pero kasi madami na ding character assassination ang nagaganap ngayon..ang the videos look like hoax..kaya sinong maniniwala don?

    peace.. :)

  4. Hay... kinabahan ako dun kala ko kasi you are on Oprah's defense eh... hmm and by the way you say it parang masyado akong uto uto hahaha well baka nga.. hmm you think Christian's made this character assasination? Napanuod ko kasi ito sa QTV 11 sa 700 Club Asia where they discuss about New Age beliefs at isa si Oprah sa mga sikat na inexample nila na naniniwala dito. She believe that everyone is a God, that we are the universe and creator of our faith. Well, kung character assasination man ito it's a darn good one I say... nasa mga news din itu sa Youtube.

    Well, nakita mu na ba lahat ng videos na to? Try mu din isearch sa Youtube. Well, Hope di naman tayo nagkainitan dito... kaw kasi eh niaaway mo ko hahahaha

    Peace : )

  5. hahaha!!!ui wag tayong magaaway ha..

    it's just that wala akong magawa ngayong kakastart pa lang ng class..hehehe..

    pero kasi mejo agnostic at personal ang stand ko sa ganyan.kaya when it comes to religion mejo tumataas lang kilay ko kasi bottomline pare pareho lang naman nilang ninenegosyo ang idea ng almighty..aun :)