Thursday, May 22

Alodia Gosiengfiao: A Cosplay Icon

I first encounter her name back in the Culture Crash Comics Comics Convention back at the early 2004 or 05 (I can't really recall). I saw her role playing in a costume (or "cosplaying") as the Gunner Rikku on the Cosplay Contest on the event. and immediately fell in love with her... I mean admired her beauty. Yup! That's the Term! Hehehe What a very multi-talented, pretty, angelic faced woman with a great figure ^^,

Alodia as Rikku

Alodia as Final Fantasy X2's Rikku

By the way, according to wikipedia:

Alodia as Amane Misa

Alodia as Death Note's Misa

Cosplay, short for "costume play" is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, fantasy movies, Japanese pop music bands, Visual Kei, fantasy music stories (such as stories by the band Sound Horizon), novels, and anything in the real world being unique and dramatic (or their moe anthropomorphic form). However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume.

Lovely Alodia

Alodia is a cosplay icon for she has entered a number of many cosplay competitions and how much she spend for a costume is not something to laugh about. Here is an interview of her on QTV's The Beat:

She has also gained popularity and media mileage through photoshoots and magazine interviews. For a complete list of her appearance and interviews check out here wikipedia description over at or better check her official web and art site at

Angelic Alodia

Did I say she's angelic?

Alodia is a Cosplay Icon and soon to be celebrity? This is one of her appearance on Pedicab's Music Video of "Ang Pusa Mo"

For more and fresh images of the Philippines' Cosplay Icon head over her official site here at

alodia as a newspaper girl


  1. i hope she stick with cosplay..showbiz will only ruin her.hahaha!!

    isa sa rason kung bakit gusto ko magjapan ay ang pop culture nila..bongga talaga! :)

  2. slumberdolls famous in deviantart:D

  3. Ang cute naman niya! Huwag na siyang sumali sa showbiz, unless magkaroon ng drama adaptation ng isang animé!