Tuesday, December 11

CHARACTER SPECIAL FEATURE NO. 2: Enteng Kabisote of Okay Ka Fairy Ko

( ~ Weekly C-Special Feature )

Vicente Kabisote Jr. a.k.a. Enteng Kabisote is a popular character played by a great comedian Vic Sotto and is loved by the mass back in the late 90s together with his family from the hit Philippine sitcom "Okay Ka Fairy Ko".

Enteng is usually seen with a whip or a sword as his mode of weapon

Enteng is a common repairman/mechanic/jack of all trades adopted a street child (Aiza) to avoid the pursuit of a woman together with her muscled brothers who wanted him as a husband. Enteng made up a story to the woman pursuing him that he had a daughter from the previous relationship, but the woman didn't mind this thus the pursuit continued. Little does he know that he is being watched by a Faerie princess named Pricesa Chlorateam (later be known as Faye) and as he sleeps, she was teleported to Engkantasya and sparks fly as both fell in love with each other. As they returned back to the human world they married each other with Aiza as a witness to their unlikely matrimony.

Scene from Enteng Kabisote 2, Faye (Kristine Hermosa) and Enteng (Vic Sotto)

The loving Enteng Kabisote and his Faerie Princess Faye

Enteng in the sitcom faces everyday family issues and keeps his family safe from the forces of Evil. Latest movies of Okay Ka Fairy Ko is entitled to the main protagonist Enteng Kabisote.

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