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Street Fighter X Mega Man Reveal Trailer Impressions: Megaman and Street Fighter 8-bit Crossover Game for PC

Street Fighter X Mega Man is an upcoming Capcom 8-bit crossover between Megaman and street Fighter for PC this December 17, 2012 which is also Mega Man's official 25th birthday. Let's check out what is in store for Megaman Fans on the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary here:

Street Fighter x Mega Man 2012 game trailer impressions reveal video game trailer review cmaquest

Street Fighter X Mega Man
Plot / Synopsis

Two worlds collide! Mega Man and the Street Fighters meet in this FREE PC download, coming to on December 17, 2012 - Mega Man's official 25th birthday.

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Watch Street Fighter X Mega Man reveal trailer here:

Street Fighter X Mega Man Reveal Trailer Impressions
Street Fighter X Mega Man Game Trailer Review

It has been a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship between Capcom and its fans. Wrong business choice through the years like milking some very old titles dry with re-release and unnecessary downloads, not to mention neglecting some of its highly in-demand (by fans) titles has made Capcom achieve this notorious status to most of its Megaman fans. This is really quite a surprise to have a new Megaman game for free on the PC on the blue bomber's 25th birthday, but why only in PC?

Street Fighter x Mega Man 2012 new 8-bit style Megaman game for Megaman's 25th Anniversary

Checking out both the official Capcom Unity's Official Megaman Page and its official Capcom Unity's Youtube Game Reveal Post you can see a couple of disgruntled and unimpressed Megaman fans, but generally most are happy with this new 8-bit style crossover with Megaman and Street Fighter. The funny part is that according to Capcom'Unity's official blog, this is an idea pitched to them by Singapore superfan Seow Zong Hui, so generally Capcom may never had something for its Megafans on its 25th anniversary. Now you know who to really thank with this new Megaman game. Another good point to raise is why only release Street Fighter X Mega Man for PC? Capcom can also release this for free on XBox Live or the Playstation Network as an arcade title, and if they like (which is highly probable) they can later turn it into a purchasable content, that is what Capcom has been notorious for right? So for Megafans who want to play a Official Megaman Game from Capcom this 2012 then just visit the Megaman Capcom Unity Page on December 17, 2012 for this free treat.

Street Fighter x Mega Man 2012 Megaman versus Ryu official capcom Megaman game

How about you guys, what do you think about this latest 8-bit free game from Capcom? are you a fan of the Megaman series? share your thoughts about Street Fighter X Mega Man game trailer in the comments section below: