Wednesday, October 10

Smiley Trailer Impressions: Smiley Becomes Serial Killer?

Smiley is an upcoming psychological slasher film directed by Michael Gallagher made by Level 10 Films starring Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, and Liza Weil. Let's check out this horror film reminiscent of the Candy Man, but is it really what it seems?

Smiley 2012 movie trailer impressions psychological slasher film trailer review cmaquest

Plot / Synopsis

After discovering an urban legend on 4chan's /b/ board of a demented serial killer that has nothing but a carved 'smilely' on his face, Ashley, a mentally fragile teen, must decide whether she is going insane, or the next victim.

Watch Smiley movie trailer here:

Smiley Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Smiley Film Trailer Review

Well this is... refreshing? A new serial killer who now wears a smiley mask. The only question is Will it be more like the supernatural "Candy Man", or much more grounded to the truth like the "Scream" killer? Well basing from the genre it falls under, it obviously falls in the latter.

Smiley 2012 film about an internet urban legend named Smiley comes true

Well, we haven't seen that much slasher films and if ever this new Smiley becomes popular, then we may have ourselves a new series to follow. I just don't know if that's good or bad, but seeing the trend of films in Hollywood for the last decade or so, it is not that inconceivable. I just find it amusing how can a lighthearted emoticon like the smiley can be used as a theme or a mascot for a thriller. The only question is will they actually pull it off?

Smiley 2012 psychological slasher film title directed by Michael Gallagher starring Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, Liza Weil

How about you guys, what do you think about an internet urban legends that may potentially be out there to kill you ala Bloody Mary? Share your thoughts about the Smiley official trailer in the comments section below: