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The Prototype Trailer Impressions: Machine to Man or Man to Machine?

The Prototype is an upcoming 2013 sci-fi thriller directed by Andrew Will and from the people behind "Act of Valor", the Bandito Brothers. Let's check out this official teaser trailer for this 2013 sci-fil thriller film here.

The Prototype 2013 movie trailer impressions sci-fi teaser film trailer review cmaquest

The Prototype
Plot / Synopsis

After the hit Act of Valor, The Bandito Brothers and writer/director Andrew Will will spearhead The Prototype, a Sci-Fi thriller. A military experimental humanoid robot is hunted by the FBI after escaping the facility it was previously on. The military project was shut down after the drone malfunctioned killing the scientists working on the project.

Watch The Prototype movie trailer here:

The Prototype Official Movie Trailer Impressions
The Prototype Film Trailer Review

Robots as a film's main theme is not really new or revolutionary when it comes to film making. The big question now is, in the hundreds of films that has robots as its main theme, how will The Prototype be any different?

The Prototype 2013 science fiction thriller film about a hunted experimental humanoid drone robot

Well if you have seen of appreciated the Bandito Brother's Act of Valor, then you might have expect something good from The Prototype, but if you aren't then you are in the dark just as everyone else. What we know based on this trailer is this: It will have a humanoid robot that cares for someone but to why and who is that person is probably the film's biggest twist/plot. The this prototype kicks ass but as to what his motivation for doing so is what we will have to eventually find out when this sci-fi thriller comes out in 2013 or somewhat later this 2012. We'll just have to wait for more trailers and info about this film.

The Prototype 2013 sci-fi thriller film from Andrew Will and Bandito Brothers

What about you guys? What can you say about this sci-fi thriller featuring a humanoid soldier robot? Share your thoughts on the comments section below: