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People Like Us Trailer Impressions: A Story of Half-Siblings Finding Each Other

People Like Us is a 2012 drama film directed (also co-written) by Alex Kurtzman, screenplays by Jody Lambert and Roberto Orci which stars Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer. et's check out this "heartwarming" family drama slated for a June 2012 theatrical release.

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People Like Us
Plot / Synopsis

A man is tasked with delivering $150,000 of his deceased father's fortune to the sister he has never met.

Watch People Like Us movie trailer here:

People Like Us Official Movie Trailer Impressions
People Like Us Film Trailer Review

Let's get the low-down about People Like Us. It is basically a family drama film about half-siblings who never knew each other existed. Since this is is Hollywood rather than immediately confronting this issue head on, we have a whole movie to sit through to watch how the plot "unveils" itself.

People Like Us 2012 drama film starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer

Although I somehow feel the warmth of this family drama film, there is this lingering and disturbing thought that takes away from that experience. It is probably the sexual and incest-innuendos seen in the trailer. That or maybe I am just a twisted movie guy, but when your story is about half-siblings who barely knew each other with the guy finding out and started getting involved with his clueless half-sister, unnecessary emotions like "love" might happen. Unfortunately this is not that traditional brotherly or sister love that one might easily expect from a family movie but a taboo one. "People Like Us" may describe the characters in this film, but does this story really reflect such scenarios in real life? Isn't being straightforward the only solution to remedy this issue? I can somehow imagine possible endings for this film. One spe ciically may address this this issue, but will not cite that it might be so. But that idea might ruin the entire point of this film. Nevertheless, this trailer seems interesting.

People Like Us 2012 drama movie title aout half-siblings

How about you guys? what do you think about this film about half-siblings discovering the existence of each other? share your thoughts about People Like Us trailer in the comments section below: