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Apartment 143 (Emergo) Trailer Impressions: An Apartment Haunting Mockumentary

Apartment 143 (Emergo) a.k.a Emergo was a 2011 Spanish English-speaking horror film directed by Carles Torrens and written by Rodrigo Cort├ęs. Apartment 143 (Emergo) stars Kai Lennox, Michael O'Keefe, Fiona Glascott and Rick Gonzalez. The film will finally get an international (US) release this 2012. Let's check out the trailer for this 2012 horror mockumentary re-release here:

Apartment 143 (Emergo) 2012 movie trailer impressions internationalreleased horror film title review cmaquest

Apartment 143 (Emergo)
Plot / Synopsis

A team of parapsychologists try to figure out a strange phenomena occurring in an apartment building.

Watch Apartment 143 (Emergo) movie trailer here:

Apartment 143 (Emergo) Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Apartment 143 (Emergo) Film Trailer Review

We have seen the rise of the found footage or mockumentary genre in films. It usually works with horror titles wth a few exception like Chronicle. Paranormal Activity, REC, and Blairwitch Project are probably the best example of which. This time it is the 2011 Spanish horror film Emergo's turn to take the centerstage with its international re-release with a new title Apartment 143 (Emergo).

Apartment 143 (Emergo) 2012 internationally re-release horror film about hauntings haunted apartment mockumentary found footage

I personally find this trailer to be interesting. In an industry where there is no REAL authentic idea, I welcome any deviation from what we previously liked on previous mockumentary or found-footage format horror titles. I am curious as to how the hauntings in this film shall progress with no real high expectations that it will end in an epic moment. If you are into Paranormal Activity, Blairwitch Project, Ghost Hunters International, or mockumentaries, then this is worth checking out.

Apartment 143 (Emergo) 2012 mockumentay horror film title by magnet releasing originally a Spanish horror film

What about you guys? What do you think about this 2012 re-released of Emergo? Share your thoughts on Apartment 143 (Emergo) on the comments section below: