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7500 Trailer Impressions: American Horror Film Directed by the Creator of Ju-on Horror Film Series

7500 is a 2012 horror film under the direction of Takashi Shimizu, the creator of the the Japanese horror film series Ju-on which was later adapted by Hollywood and Americanized to be The Grudge horror film series. Will a Japanese director make this American horror film feel more like a scary Japanese horror or not? Let's find it out here.

Plot / Synopsis

Passengers on a transpacific airliner (Vista Pacific Flight 7500) encounter what appears to be a supernatural force.

7500 is written by Adam Rosenberg (TV's Lost), produced by Taka Ichise (The Grudge), Roy Lee (The Ring); Executive Producer: John Middleton directed by Takashi Shimzu (The Grudge); Starring Ryan Kwanten (TV's "True Blood"), Leslie Bibb (Zookeeper), Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass), Jerry Ferrera (TV's "Entourage"), Christian Serratos (Twilight Saga), Jamie Chung (Hangover Part II), Amy Smart (TV's "Shameless").

7500 will be released Aug. 31 from CBS Films.

Watch 7500 movie trailer here:

7500 Official Movie Trailer Impressions
7500 Film Trailer Review

Almost every idea and concept nowadays has either been taken or made already. The real challenge to every producers, directors and writers is to come up with something fresh even if it is under such said category. Seeing this airline thriller might remind you of a few films under the same set up like Snakes on the Plane, Red Eye, The Horror at 37000 Feet, The Twilight Zone movie, past action films with an airplane/airline as its main setting. So what does 7500 has in store for us, well it might be something good but chances are that it could also be bad.

There has been a great decline in quality Hollywood horror movies in the past decade or two and as a horror film fan it was quite a disappointment. Luckily, we have a great alternative, Asian horror movies. The original Japanese version of The Ring followed by Ju-On (The Grudge) were the first two Asian horror films that both entertained and scared the hell out of me. So when I heard that the creator of the Ju-On series was directing this airline thriller my hopes were raised a bit, but still the writer is still a US based one. I am not against a US writer, heck some of my most beloved horror film titles were written by good American writers, but there can be quite a handful of movie writers in the horror film genre who really sucked at providing a scary and convincing horror story. Hopefully, the creative input of the Japanese director could help save a potentially bad horror writing for the film. As a horror film fan, I've seen it all. Hopefully there is more to this film than just all passengers already dead and the entire film is about them being in limbo. Hopefully there is more to 7500. Categorized more as a supernatural thriller, my biggest question to 7500 is what is its difference with a straightforward horror title? On the bright side, the trailer didn't say much and it somehow added to the mystery of what could be this supernatural force to flight 7500's crew and passengers?

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