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Thin Ice Trailer Impression: Insurance, Violin, and Death

Thin Ice is a 2012 crime drama film starring Greg Kinnear as a con-man who made the wrong decisions causing him to undergo a series of very unfortunate and tragic events. Can this Thinc Ice trailer holds the movie goers interests or just cracks open even before movie goers step foot on this film?

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Thin Ice
Thin Ice Plot / Synopsis

An insurance agent looking for a way out of frigid Wisconsin is blackmailed by an unstable locksmith in the theft of a rare violin that belongs to a retired farmer.

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Thin Ice Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Thin Ice Film Trailer Review

When I first watched this trailer I really thought that this was some sort of a comedy or dark comedy, but it is not. Thin Ice is a crime drama film about a con-man picking the wrong choices and ultimately suffers the consequences.

Thin Ice 2012 drama crime film about a con-man insurance guy and a violin

So what about the trailer? It generally gives us what the film is aboutm but doesn't spoil what will happen next and how will the protagonist (assuming that it is Kinnear) get out of the mess he unfortunately created himself. The whole concept itself of a con-man chasing after a violin is probably gave the lighter vibe to it and thus the trailer somehow using a more upbeat trailer song, which in turn made me presuppose that this is a comedy. But since the element of death and blackmail is added to the mix, this may very well game punch to this film, making it a potential intelligently written crime film.

Thin Ice 2012 crime film title starring greg kinnear

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