Saturday, January 7

Skyrim's "Dragonborn" Theme Performed and Remixed by Diwa De Leon: Voices, Hegalong, Guitar and Violin Musical Extravaganza

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or simply Skyrim is the best role playing game of 2011 from Bethesda Game Studios and will probably be the game that Elder Scrolls series fan will continually to play and mod for the next two years or so. Besides its massive game scale, doable quest lines, and character personalization, Skyrim also features excellent game music. One of it is its main game theme "Dragonborn". Of course, gaming fans from all over the world will take the opportunity to feature their talent using such wonderful themes and one of those great artists is Filipino composer, performer and artist Diwa de Leon.

Skyrim Theme Remix by Diwa de Leon CMAQUEST feature

CMAQUEST featured gaming remixes by various artists back in 2009 with Musically Fulfilling Acapella's of Classic Game Themes including Diwa de Leon's acapella version of the original Legend of Zelda main theme song. That is the first time we have stumbled over Diwa's Youtube channel and ever since then (and prior to our discovery of his wonderful renditions) he have been making remixes and renditions of popular iconic music of the past and present. This time Diwa de Leon performs and remixes the Skyrim Main Theme Song "Dragonborn" using 17 layered voices, "live" Instruments, a Hegalong (Two-stringed guitar), 10 layers of Electric Violin, 2 layers of Electric Guitar, and Digital Samples - Sequenced with Logic 9 all performed by him.

Watch Skyrim Theme Remix by Diwa de Leon here:

His remix version is based on the original Skyrim Theme "Dragonborn" by Jeremy Soule and Bethesda Game Studios. Listen to the original epic Elder Scrolls V game theme music by Jeremy Soule here:

What about you uys? What do you think of Diwa de Leon's remix of Skyrim's Dragonborn Theme? What do you think about Skyrim in general? Share your thoughts on the comments section below: