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Perfect Sense Trailer Impressions: Depressingly Romantic Film of Pandemic Proportions

Perfect Sense, formerly known as The Last Word is a 2011 drama film which first premiered in Sundance Film Festival 2011 and is slated for a February 2012 US release. The seemingly romantic film at first glance stars Eva Green and Ewan McGregor. Are you ready to feel the power of love, in a bit depressing and traditional fashion? Then continue on below.

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Perfect Sense
Plot / Synopsis

A story about two people - a chef and an epidemiologist - who fall in love just as an epidemic begins to rob the world's population of their sensory perceptions.

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Perfect Sense Official Movie Trailer Impressions
Perfect Sense Film Trailer Review

Perfect Sense is one of those films that asks the question "can love conquer all?". The answer is of course it does as shown in countless of films ever known to mankind. This time the question is asked in a pandemic setting. What if all of the basic senses that made you appreciate ad fall in love with someone starts disappearing one by one, can love still endure?

Perfect Sense 2012 romantic drama film starring Eva Green Ewan McGregor love in a pandemic setting

That is what this film is all about. Categorize more as a drama than a romantic film (and I can understand why), the Perfect Sense movie trailer evokes a sense melancholy. Just look at those two madly in love people thrown in a seemingly world ending pandemic crisis. Basing from the trailer, one can say that it does succeed conveying the message over and may make people interested as to how their seemingly tragic love story may conclude. Not everyone can avail or has the opportunity to see a film in its Sundance Film Festival premiere, so one can all do is wait for an international (US) release. If you ask me, I am interested to see this one.

Perfect Sense 2012 drama film title formerly known as The Last Words Sundance Film Festival Entry

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