Wednesday, January 18

Join the Good Fight: If You Love a Free Internet Society, then Stand Against SOPA and PIPA's Internet Censorship

Where were you when the internet started sucking? Sucking not in the same sense as a technological attack from some malicious hacker(s) or an internet troll, but sucking in a sense that you are no longer able to enjoy the freedom that the internet once was. The Stop Software Piracy Act and its cousin, Protect Intellectual Property Act are these two notorious US Bills proposed to finally put a lid on online piracy, but in expense of completely censoring out the once free internet.

CMAQUEST does not advocate or support piracy, let us just get this out of the way. There are possible better bills that the US congress may come up with the future but not in the expense of online censorship. What makes the internet a great place to hang out is the hundreds and thousands of websites and content provider that "borrows" and "utilize" video files (clips and stock footage), music (theme songs, sound effects, sound files, etc), and images which may or may not be copyrighted materials. If ever SOPA, PIPA or any other future bill that has the same content gets passed as a law, then we will all suffer a dull internet, an internet before it was actually "cool". Be informed, if you are a visitor or a U.S. Resident who loves a free internet, then educate yourself. Watch PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet here:

Also Check out this infographic about SOPA and PIPA:

While internet giants like Google and Wikipedia has the power to protest against SOPA and PIPA via a site-wide black-out, I believe CMAQUEST will have a better chance of reaching its US audience and spread awareness to the rest of the visitors of the site to help the fight against this and possible future reiterations of this Bill. Until a rightful online anti-piracy bill is finally created, every bill that the US congress will come out with will be under the world and internet's scrutinizing eyes.

Amidst this possible threat to online freedom, humor websites wtill manage to make some pretty informative ways to educate its sudience and gets the message across. This is TheOatMeal's creative and funny splash image found on its page when it did its site-wide black-out protest.

Will you let this creative freedom be suppressed and oppressed? If you are a US Residence, then help reliable content providers and blogs like CMAQUEST in itsstand against online censorship. Visit websites like and for more details.