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The Vow Trailer Impressions: Valentines Movie with Amnesia and Falling In Love All Over Again

The Vow is a romantic drama film starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum as husband and a wife whose marriage was put to the test after one tragic incident. Slated for a February "Valentines Day" 2012 release, fall in love all over again literally with this amnesia-themed of a chick film.

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The Vow
Plot / Synopsis

A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts Paige in a coma. When she awakes with severe memory loss, Leo endeavors to win his true love's heart all over again.

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The Vow Trailer Impressions
The Vow Trailer Review

Two nice actors from similarly successful romantic films join in one mega mushy film about renewed love. Well, it is bound to happen as this is the main plot of this film. In a country where divorce is an easy choice when things go out of hand in marriages, a couple dared to fulfill their vows after a tragedy that can destroy a partners heart.

the vow 2012 romantic drama film starring rachel mcadams and channing tatum

Although I have seen such exact same storyline as this film has, there is this certain magic in this trailer. Maybe it is Rachel McAdams for being so lovely, and girls/women may prefer Channing Tatum, but the chemistry they have onscreen is convincing. Although this looks pretty predictable, it is the journey to get to that much awaited conclusion is what this film or any other chick flick is cashing on. Hope you won't go deeper in researching about this film because you might uncover the true story which inspired this film which I obviously did. It will spoil you of it but believe me when I say that it is one great story which really happened in real life. As a guy, this is a nice date film as well. Hopefully guys can sit through this entire film without killing themselves in sheer mushiness. For girls and romantics out there, this is a chick flick to catch.

The vow valentines day 2012 movie trailer review cmaquest

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