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John Carter Trailer Impressions: A CGI-Filled Epic Alien World War with... Humans?

John Carter is a 2012 epic sci-fi film featuring the main protagonist of the Barsoom series of novels by the highly acclaimed pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burrough (1875 –1950) who also created Tarzan the King of the Jungle. Although here have been various of publications featuring John Carter, this is the first time that Hollywood made it to a grandiose epic of a film slated for a March 2012 release. So what there s to say about the John Carter trailers? Check it out here.

John Carter 2012 movie trailer impressions movie trailer reviews cmaquest

John Carter
Plot / Synopsis

The film is largely based on A Princess of Mars, the first novel to feature John Carter. The novel was originally published as a magazine serial in 1912 and then brought out in book form in 1917. In the novel John Carter is an American Civil War veteran who is miraculously transported to Mars, known to its inhabitants as Barsoom. He is immediately captured by a race of green-skinned barbarians who are 12 feet (4 meters) tall, having six limbs and long tusks. Formerly an Earthlike world, Barsoom has become less hospitable to life over the millennia. As its oceans evaporated and its atmosphere thinned, Barsoom's inhabitants became hardened and warlike, constantly fighting one another to survive. Barsoomian society thus devolved into partial barbarism.

Carter befriends the Green Martian Tars Tarkas and rescues a humanoid Red Martian princess, Dejah Thoris, from the Tharks, a belligerent tribe of Green Martians. He gains the Barsoomians' respect with his superior strength and fighting ability. Carter ultimately enlists the Green Martians' assistance in winning a war waged by Dejah Thoris' people, and he saves all Martians from asphyxiation when the planet's atmosphere factory malfunctions.

Watch the John Carter movie trailer here:

John Carter Trailer Impressions
John Carter Trailer Review

When I saw the first trailer of John Carter I said to myself "Hmm... okay. This looks like it is going to be a decent sci-fi film". After the second trailer was released this December 2011 my expectation was raised a couple of notch. Do not get me wrong it looks really epic and it is made by Walt Disney but the trailer looks cartoonish and some scenes (in the trailer) does not look convincing (Yeah, as if humans being teleported to fight a Marsians fight is realistic hahahaha). Not convincing that the blending of the live human actors and the CGI seems off, as seen on the very first screen cap on this Johhn Carter trailer review. It might just be the quality of the trailer, but I do hope that this would not be the case when it finally hits the theaters on March 2012.

John Carter 2012 movie adaptation film trailer review

Upon additional research regarding the John Carter 2012 film, I found out that it is actually a movie adaptation of a classic. John Carter was one of the masterpieces of author Edgar Rice Burrough who also created Tarzan. Well, we are all familiar with Tarzan, so this time it is John Carter's turn to introduced itself to the newer generation of movie goers and readers. With that note, I started to appreciate this 2012 Walt Disney title a little more, and now CMAQUEST puts John Carter on its "2012 to-watch list". Hope Walt Disney does not disappoint with this movie adaptation of the 1912 John Carter.

John Carter 2012 film trailer review science fiction epic title

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