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The Darkest Hour Trailer Impressions: How to Survive an Energy Devouring Alien Invasion

The Darkest Hour is a 2011 science-fiction alien invasion themed film slated for a December release from Summit Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. Hollywood has brought us various reiterations of how an alien invasion might happen, but they usually involve some solid and visible threat that everyone might easily fight back or be afraid of, but The Darkest Hour takes a fresh take on it. Want to know what we are talking about? Then check out the trailer review for The Darkest Hour.

The Darkest Hour 2011 Film Trailer Review

The Darkest Hour
Plot / Synopsis

The Darkest Hour follows five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack. The 3D action-thriller highlights the classic beauty of Moscow alongside mind-blowing special effects from the minds of visionary filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov and director Chris Gorak. While most films about alien invasions are centered in the United States or have an international scale, Bekmambetov's involvement ensured the premise to be an alien invasion from Russia's perspective.

Watch The Darkest Hour movie trailer here:

The Darkest Hour Trailer Impressions
The Darkest Hour Trailer Review

Aliens will never go away. Just when you thought that you have seen it all, comes a new film that somehow gives it a fresh take. At least that is what The Darkest Hour official film trailer tries to showcase. Did it work? In a way, YES!

the darkest hour 2011 movie trailer impression cmaquest

Well at least we are given a fresh perspective on an Alien invasion, a Russian one. But do not mistake this as a Russian film, the setting is only in Russia, but the main survivors (protagonists) speaks the international language. The trailer has teased film fans enough to make them go see how will the world survive an invasion from alien energy-devouring light orbs. Upon seeing the trailer one can also ask if to whether these light orbs are indeed formless energy-devouring lights or there are some diabolical alien creature using this as a shield. The mystery of finding out about this is will drive people to watch this. The Darkest Hour gets a nice recommendation for CMAQUEST, as this is now on my "to watch" list.

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