Wednesday, November 2

Roster Complete! The New Playable Characters of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Character Vignettes

After twelve long years, the Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series finally made its third comeback with Marvel vs Capcom 3, or simply MVC3. With some familiar playable characters from previous installments with a roster of new ones, MVC3 got generally positive reviews from gamers and critics alike.

But who would have thought that there would be another Marvel vs Capcom game just nine months. What the last one took twelve years tomake and now it just took Capcom less than a year? This is absurd right! Oh no! This isn't your Marvel vs Capcom 4, but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Say whut? Love it or hate it, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will finally be releasing this November 2011 with new game features, additional stages, character balances, and a roster of new playable characters to add up to the already excellent and sometimes questionable roster of playable characters from the February 2011's Marvel vs Capcom 3. So without much further adieu here are the complete roster of new playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

complete new chracater roster of ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 cmaquest

New Playable characters from UMVC3 (Marvel side):

Doctor Strange

Ghost Rider


Iron Fist


Rocket Raccoon

New Playable characters from UMVC3 (Capcom side):


Frank West

Nemesis T-Type

Phoenix Wright

Strider Hiryu


So what do you think about these twelve new playable characters for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? Which characters would you still want from previous Marvel Versus Capcom games, or completely new ones which deserved to be in a fighting game? Share your thoughts at the comments section below: