Monday, May 30

Trailer Impressions: A CMAQUEST Trailer Review

A success of a new film, television and video game may very well depend on the trailer the studios will be releasing, and this is why Trailer Impressions is here. Trailer Impressions is a new segment here on CMAQUEST that reviews the latest movie trailers, television trailers and video game trailers.

trailer impressions cmaquest

There is a saying that "First impressions last." which may not always be right, specially when it comes to various trailers. The trailers can either get you excited or bore you to death; gives everything about the film, telesioon series, or video games right from the get-go that frustrates the movie audience to not support it, or mystifies them into checking it out.

Share your thoughts on the latest film, television and video game trailers here at CMAQUEST's Trailer Impressions.