Friday, December 31

CMAQUEST Bids Farewell to 2010: A Year End Special

CMAQUEST, your infotainment, movie and entertainment blog bids farewell to another great year for film this 2010. As they usually say "Every good things must come to an end"... but not for your blog CMAQUEST as it will just be the start of bigger and better things to come.

For those who have seen CMAQUEST at its earliest of form, the blog was not really ment to be an entertainment blog, but more of a personal one. For some conflicts of interests, I later moved and found a new home in my other blog, CMABLOGS. CMAQUEST still holds a special place in my heart as being my first blog, and this is why I dedicated my very first blog to the one thing that I am into the most, movies and video games.

CMAQUEST has witnessed and featured various films this 2010 and will continue to feature them as much as yours truly could. Though there have been some movie titles that have slipped away every now and then, hopefully 2011 would be a lot nicer (time management wise) to me so I can feature all of the latest movie trailers, news, previews, or anything Hollywood has to offer to all of my avid visitors and readers.

2010 also marks the first time that the blog started featuring video games. The Video Game section is here to stay so expect video-game related posts as many as that of the movie ones.

CMAQUEST will feature more interesting conversations, worthwhile articles, products and services reviews which will all give diversity and the feeling that CMAQUEST is indeed an infotainment and magazine blog. So to all of the subscribers, visitors and readers who dropped by a comment or two, a big thanks to all of you. CMAQUEST will be bigger and better for 2011. So let CMAQUEST guide you to entertainment infinity and beyond.

Farewell 2010 and a big HELLO 2011.
To Infinity and Beyond.