Sunday, September 12

Halloween Costumes: Who Said that Halloween Is Just for the Kids?

Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating, jack-o'-lanterns, bobbing apples, decorated houses, scary pranks and ghost stories all means one thing, Halloween. The annual secular holiday is fast approaching and if there is something that this ancient celebration has thought us, is that to have fun even with the things that often scares us.

Halloween is not just for the kids, but more for the adults population in general. If you thought people who dress weird is funny, then wait until Halloween as everyone has the right to dress up as anyone without people criticizing or judging them. From kids wearing cute cartoon characters to grown ups wearing adult halloween costumes which range from the most silly to the unusually impressive copy of the original.

I've always wanted to dress up as one of my most favorite horror film character Freddy Krueger of the popular horror classic the Nightmare on Elm Series. With his mischievous, witty and merciless nature, I believe that being Freddy for Halloween is just perfect. Besides Krueger who is more sinister and is a face of evil, I would like to balance the scales by having a Batman mask as well. Both of these characters are a big part of my childhood and helped shaped the "geekiness" in me. What is also expected on Halloween are people wearing sexy halloween costumes which would often always add "spice" to the annual celebration.