Thursday, September 2

Christina Aguilera Goes Burlesque

There are only a selected few Hollywood pop stars who have endured the test of time and came out even brighter. Christina Aguilera is one of those musicians out there with a beautiful face and a phenomenal voice who have crossed genres and platforms but still looks as stunning and successful as her previous careers. This time Chritina invade the big screen with the musical Burlesque.

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque 2010 Musical Film

Burlesque Synopsis

Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to Los Angeles. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club’s proprietor and headliner. Burlesque’s outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingenue, who vows to perform there one day.

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque 2010 Musical Film

Soon enough, Ali builds a friendship with a featured dancer named Georgia (Julianne Hough), finds an enemy in a troubled, jealous performer named Nikki (Kristen Bell), and garners the affection of a bartender and fellow musician Jack (Cam Gigandet). With the help of a sharp-witted stage manager (Stanley Tucci) and gender-bending host named Alexis (Alan Cumming), Ali makes her way from the bar to the stage. Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, though not before a charismatic entrepreneur Marcus Gerber (Eric Dane) arrives with an enticing proposal.

Watch the Official Burlesque trailer here:

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque 2010 Musical Film


Directed by Steve Antin.
Written By Steve Antin and Diablo Cody; Revisions by Susannah Grant.
Distributed by Screen Gems.
Studios by De Line Pictures.
Music by Sia Furler, Samuel Dixon, Christina Aguilera, DJ Premier, Danja, and Tricky Stewart.
Starring Cher, Christina Aguiler, Eric Dane, Cam Gigandet, Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming, Peter Gallagher, Kristen Bell, and Stanley Tucci.
Release date(s) March 25, 2011

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque 2010 Musical Film

Musicals are on the rise these days both from the big and the small screen. What do you think about this upcoming musical starring Christian Aguilera and Cher? Tell us what you think below.