Wednesday, September 2

Planet Hulk - A 2010 Direct-to-Video Animated Movie Hulk

The big green mean and almost unstoppable fighting machine comes back with the latest comic book to direct-to-video animated movie adaptation of Marvel's popular icon, Hulk. After Hulk Versus direct-to-video animated movie comes another animation from Marvel Animation and Lionsgate, Planet Hulk.

Planet Hulk 2010 direct to video animated movie

planet hulk animated movie

To loyal followers of the Hulk Marvel comics series, the Planet Hulk title is nothing new to them, a comics series under the same title ran under The Incredible Hulk comics series back in 2006. The animated movie adaptation is probably what everyone is waiting for so before February 2010, here is the Planet Hulk Trailer:

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Planet Hulk by Lionsgate and Marvel Animation on February 2010

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