Monday, September 21

A First Look on Heroes Season 4: Redemption

Heroes, one of the most popular science fiction drama series by Tim Kring and a telecast by NBC is now on its fourth season entitled Redemption. Heroes Season 4 Redemption picks up after the conclusion of Season three which comprises of two volumes: Heroes Volume 3: Villains and Volume 4: Fugitives.

heroes season 4 volume 5 redemption

In Volume 5 entitled "Redemption", the characters have started living their normal lives after the people with abilities were hunted in the last volume "Fugitives", but it seems like fate will have a different plan for the heroes and that is what you will expect in Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 Redemption.

Watch the Official TV Promo of Heroes Volume 5 Redemption Here:

Here are some Heroes Season 4 Sneak Peek & Behind The Scenes:

This is a 7:50 min blue-ray sneak peak of Heroes Volume 5 Redemption featuring interview with the cast and crew of the beloved hit NBC series, Heroes. Enjoy!

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