Sunday, June 7

Return of the Icons: Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Iron Man has been one of the most popular Marvel super hero character. a testimony to this is the movie adaptation of the beloved Ron Super Hero in 2008's Iron Man movie.

Besides this there was also an Iron Man Animated Series back in the 90's.

90s iron man animated series logo

The 90's Iron Man the animated series ran for two season until coming to a cancellation due to low ratings. Here is the intro for the 90's Iron Man the Animated Series:

Fast forward to year 2009, a new promising Iron Man CGI Animated Series has started airing and has garnered favorable ratings because of it's nice story line and beautifully rendered action sequence and graphics.

iron man armored adventures animated series logo

Iron Man: Armored Adventures tries to reintroduce Iron Man to the newer generation by depicting the man behind the Iron Man armor, Tony Stark as a teenager balancing school life and the life of a superhero. Here is a preview for the Iron Man: Armored Adventures the animated series from Marvel's Youtube channel:

Irom Man: Armored Adventures from Marvel Universe

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