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New Astro Boy Animated Movie - Flying on New Skies This October 2009

Japanese comics and manga has without a doubt revolutionized and made a name for themselves in the animation and movie making. A testimony to this are the quality and plot of the different genres created for manga (comics) and movies which have been adopted by Hollywood.


Astroboy by Osamu Tezuka

One iconic character of Japan's colorful manga and animation industry is Osamu Tezuka's Tetsuwan Atom or also known as Astro Boy. The iconic boy android with a heart in search for acceptance, friendship and love is now being adopted by Hollywood in Imagi Animation Studios Astro Boy

astroboy the movie

"Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving man's expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the father who had rejected him."

astro boy movie

Here is a teaser trailer for Astro Boy movie coming this October 23, 2009:

Teaser of Astro Boy - Source

Astro Boy 2009 Movie

Astro Boy The Movie's Official Website

Directed By
David Bowers

Screenplay By
Timothy Harris

Cast/Voice Actors By
Nicolas Cage as Dr. Tenma
Kristen Bell as Cora
Bill Nighy as Dr. Elefun
Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy
Donald Sutherland as General Stone
Eugene Levy as Orrin
Nathan Lane as Ham Egg
Madeline Carroll as Widget / Grace
Sterling Beaumon as Sludge
Matt Lucas

Astro Boy (2009) Movie @ IMDB