Tuesday, February 24

Marvel Super Hero Squad - Reintroducing the World of Marvel to Kids

The Marvel Universe is a complex world of super heroes and super villains which have been re-imagined, rendered, retold many times and the latest trend is the cross-over and team up of different characters from their own titles to one plot. This can be noticed especially in the rich history and industry of Marvel Comics. House of M, Civil War, and Secret Invasion are some of the many titles (plot) where different characters from the Marvel Universe fought together or each other.

marvel universe

The Marvel Universe Characters

The newer generation has little knowledge or probably less enthusiastic about the Marvel Universe, the comics and its origins. This is one of the reasons why they came up with Marvel Super Hero Squad, an upcomming television animation targeted for a much younger audience (and the young at heart).

marvel super hero squad animation

Marvel Superhero Squad Animation

Marvel SuperHero Squad is a comedic show featuring caricatured versions of favorite Marvel Icons such as Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Fantsatic Four and many more.

marvel superhero squad animation

Here is a short preview (from a fan cam) of Marvel Superhero Squad intro NYComiccon 09:


marvel super hero squad poster

Marvel Animation is currently in production on 26 half-hour episodes of the animated television series and plans to have it ready to air in 2009, though no broadcast partnership has bee inked yet...
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marvel superhero squad at marvel dot com

Meet the Marvel Super Hero Squad! over @ Marvel.com