Wednesday, December 10

The End of The World at "2012": A Mayan Prediction and What it Has Spun

How the world will end have been predicted or "prophesied" by various scholars, books, religions, civilizations and even movies.

Do you still remember the Y2K thing? The coming of the year 2000 was shrouded by fear and paranoia by some due to prophecies that the world would actually end at the coming of that year. Well, we already know what happened after the year 2000, right? (and we are still here).

Once again another prophecy is spreading throughout the internet. This time, the world would end at exactly December 21, 2012. Such precise prophecy was made by the ancient civilization of the Mayans. The ancient civilization prophesied that the end of the world, December 21, 2012 is the day of the apocalypse. It is a prediction that has attracted a lot of attention and more interest now that 2012 is almost here. If there is something worth the sensationalism, it is this concept and it didn't passed the ever observing eyes of Hollywood.

mayan predicts end of the world at december 21, 2012

A teaser trailer of a movie called 2012 was recently released worldwide. This disaster movie is obviously inspired by the Mayan Prophecy. What the Mayans have foretold in their prophecies is what this movie will showcase once it gets released (which is uncertain as of the moment, maybe by December 21, 2012?). So without further ado here is the short teaser of the 2012 movie:

Some New Age beliefs say that the "end of the world in December 2012" is just a transition of the old world to the New world (of maybe new ideals, industrial, mental, political, or spiritual revolution). For some reference about how the Mayans foresaw the end of the world can be read over at this link:

Mayan End Times Prophecy 12-21-2012

and at

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