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Central City Needs a Hero - "The Spirit" of Christmas

From a brilliantly crafted comics classic comes a new movie adapted by Frank Miller (creator of 300 and Sin City)... The Spirit which will be on cinemas on December 25, 2008 (well, in the US that is).

Movie aficionados who have seen the movies by Frank Miller will surely be familiar with how "The Spirit" looks and feels. When I first saw its trailer I thought "Dang! Sin City 2?", which I later found out that "The Spirit" movie is a completely different title and was based on a action-adventure-romance humor classic 1940 comics by writer-artist Will Eisner.

The Spirit

So who, what, when, and how is "The Spirit"?

"The Spirit" is a fictitious American comic book super hero character popularized and created by writer-artist Will Eisner in 1940 on a Sunday-newspaper. It follows the chronicles of a former-detective Dan Colt now turned anonymous crime fighter known only with the name of The Spirit, a masked crime-fighter usually seen wearing a small domino mask, blue business suit, fedora hat, gloves, and his signature red necktie for his costume.

photo from Forbidden Planet

The Spirit

photo from Forbidden Planet

Here is the preview trailer of "The Spirit" this Christmas of 2008

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

"My city. I can not deny her. My city screams. She is my mother. She is my lover... and I am her spirit."

My City Screams Teaser Poster

Poster from AICN

Official Website:
(For more interactive in-depth promotion of the Movie)

"The Spirit" - My City Screams


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Directed by
Frank Miller

Produced by
Michael Uslan

Written by
Will Eisner

Frank Miller


Gabriel Macht
Samuel L. Jackson
Scarlett Johansson
Eva Mendes