Friday, October 17

Urban Legends and Chained Messages

Urban Legends or Urban Myths are factual stories by those who circulates them. Usually these urban legends are sensationalize, distorted, and over the course of time. Though how crazy these stories may sound, some may actually be based on actual facts or events, with a majority are based on hoax and something to scare off or educate children and careless individuals.

urban legend

Chain Letters or Chain Messages are messages superstitious in nature which may induced a recipient to make a copies of the messages and passed it on as many other recipients as possible. To be able to pull this off, the message usually consists of threats of bad luck or physical violence if the recipient fails to follow the condition or breaks the chain of the letter.

chained letter

Urban Legends and Chained Letters has been widely spreading and popular to different social networks (myspace, facebooks, friendster, etc.), forums, e-mails, and cellphone messages. Television and movie adaptations has also adapted the concepts of these stories as a source of entertainment (and revenue for both film and television companies). The circulation of these legends and letters will not be possible if no one believes them, well eventually many does.

CMAQUEST's author Chris A. has read and eventually (at first) believe these messages but later found out that they are just a bunch of hoax and just to make people look stupid by passing the same message to others. Well, as a treatment Chris A. wiill feature them on CMAQUEST by featuring each urban legend and chained messages one by one without following any of the condition just to prove that these messages are all hoax... and besides they are entertaining and may consists of moral values if you look carefully into these stories. So without further ado, these are the acclaimed chained messages and urban legends that has been circulating over the years. Prepare to be frightened or laugh your hearts of.

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