Friday, October 10

Onion Movie: Hilariously Dirty Good 'Ol News Program Parody

I have recently watched the "Onion Movie" straight-to-DVD hilarious news program parody, and sure did enjoy it... More of Author's Notes Here

Onion Movie

The movie's approach is a news program style parody with witty segments in between. These segments includes commercials of services, products or cruise ships (you'll have a happy and "gay" ride hahaha), public service announcements, music videos of "virgin pop stars, "short skits, and film critics review (yup they already included it here, haha let's see how "real film critics" say about this movie). This is the official trailer of the Onion Movie... you'll have a great "kick in the balls" entertainment, don't know what I am talking about? See the trailer for yourself:

Can't believe they drag Steven Seagal to this, but it is a good old' humor to me (Chris A.) Here are some segments uploaded for Youtube as am endorsement for the DVD:

Neckbelt Recall

A Fan-ripped video taken from Onion Movie's "Cock Puncher"

The Answer of America to Obescity Issues

Most Film and DVD critics find the Onion Movie as a piece of (let's not even go there). The film indeed has many skits and segments that are below the belt or old school, if only they have been polished up well maybe you'll have a 90 hour non stop laugh. This is why the Onion Movie didn't made it to theaters, but hey it is still a good movie to see at home (or not). You'll be the judge.

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