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Aftermath of the Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila in PAGCOR

I, Chris A. (Oh my! sounds too serious) have attended the successful Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila (*gasp for air*) in PAGCOR's (Philippine amusement and Gaming Corporation) Forum Hall, Casino Filipino, PIRC Bldg. Ninoy Aquino Avenue, ParaƱaque City.

The event started of with each blogger introducing their selves (blog URL, Company or business, and about them). There were also various companies present in the event besides bloggers which I can't remember them all but mostly are associated in the field of cosmetics, business and marketing, and newspaper publication. After the "get to know the Bloggers" portion comes a short clipping about the history, the mission, and the plans of PAGCOR. One of the main things that caught my attention in the clip were the future plans of PAGCOR in developing the "Bagong Nayong Filipino" which will make a majestic entertainment and gaming city which features modernized transportation, entertainment, gaming facilities and a lot more.

Reyna Elena and Heyo Kitty

Rena Elena passing the introduction mic to Heyo Kity

Introductions of Azrael

Azrael's introduction.

Chris A. listens

I attentively listens but my mind wonders hahahaha.

introduction countdown to Chris A.

Countdown to my doom...

Good Thing

My friend Vin doing his introductions. Good thing Az forgot to capture me doing my nusual hand gestures as I explain myself hehehe


..The educational clip about PAGCOR

Oficially Open

Janeth Toral

Janette Toral discuss

Networking Top 100 and everything more discussed by Ms. Janette Toral (

Ederic Talks about His Blog

Ederic Eder, One of the top blogger in ratified discusses his "accidental" secrets

Dinner was served and everyone grabbed various scrumptious serving of meet, soup and more (uhm! uhm! uhm! Do I have to even mention this? hehehe). Ms. Janette Toral (thanks to her I came to know this event) briskly announces and showed the top 100 bloggers who made it big in and asked some of these bloggers to share how they able to achieve the "top" status. Mainly, the mentioned bloggers didn't expected to be listed as one of the top performing blogs in the blogosphere. Also, they shared that content will always be the key for a good (or great) traffic and what makes readers from coming back for more.

Dinner is served

Delicious meal courtesy of PAGCOR. did I mention it's free? hehehehe

PAGCORs delightful Serving

Chris A. Digging in.

Chris A obviously Hungry

Chris A. is still obviously hungry as he stares down(at the meal) at the guy sitting next to him while he eat his part hehehe

After the discussion, An intermission number courtesy of PAGCOR's very own Maricel Cruz stunned the crowed with her soothing and lovely voice. She performed four songs which includes "The Way You Look Tonight", "Wonderful World", "Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin", and "Sway".

Maricel Cruz sings for the crowd

Maricel Cruz

singing with passion

Maricel cruz sings for the Bloggers

Lastly, PAGCOR's management conducted a small raffle draw giving away free money coupons which can only be use for casino and poker games outside the Forum Hall. A previous freebies were given earlier to all the bloggers which include a coupon or gc redeemable for that day alone and an issue of "HIGH PROFILE" (The Magazine of PAGCOR)Issue 1 of Fall 2008.

PAGCOR sample slot machine

PAGCOR gift coupon

Raffled and Giveaways to awaken the "inner gambler" in you Hehehe

Bloggers Mingle

Bloggers Mingle after the Event

Chris A. mingling

Look at how I mingle Hahahaha

The event officially ended at around 10:00 in the evening but some of the bloggers still continued to socialize (including yours truly) and met some old and new friends. This is the first time I had gone to a blogger event and I can say that it will be the start of many more birthdays (dhuh!).. I mean, many more blog networking events to come.

Azrael and Chris A.

Chris A. and Azrael

I would like to specially mention some of my new acquaintances and friends:

Anthony Cruz ( )
Ederic Eder ( )
Gladys Barrer ( )
Ada ( )

Special Thanks to Azrael Coladilla for letting me grab his captured moments of the special event. You can view his post about the Club and Bloggers Networking Event Manila - Here -

For a more personal approach of yourstruly chris A. you can also visit my personal Blog here @ Life on a Pencil's Chris A.'s First Blogging Event in PAGCOR

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